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St.Clere's F.C.VSCannon United
02 Sep 2023 - 14:00Example Place

A Message From Our Chairman

Welcome to St Clere’s Football Club, it is my pleasure and privilege to be Chairman of what I believe
to be a fantastic club at the heart of the local community.

St Clere’s is a grass roots, community-focused, FA Charter Standard-based Club, providing football
coaching for children and adults alike. We have large number of registered players who play in
various leagues and is affiliated to Essex County FA.

As a club, the health, safety and welfare of every player is our first and most important priority. This
is closely followed by our commitment to providing a happy and inclusive environment for players to
learn and develop their football skills under the supervision of coaches, who are FA qualified and
have the appropriate DBS safety checks and emergency aid qualifications. I strongly believe that
football is a game to be played and enjoyed by everyone and that success at grass roots should not
be measured by the trophies we win, but by the number of players who choose to play for St Clere’s
and continue to play for us throughout their childhood in to adulthood, with a sense of belonging
and always with a smile, whatever the result. However, football is also a competitive sport and so we
will help our players reach the best that their ability allows as an individual and as part of a team.
As Chairman, I feel it is vital that we follow an ethos that ensures the welfare of our players is
paramount, that the club is open to all players regardless of gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin,
colour, religion, sexual orientation or perceived ability as a footballer. That all players, coaches and
parents follow the club code of conduct and the FA Respect Codes of Conduct and that we do not
follow a win at all cost’s philosophy.

Thank you to all our team sponsors.
Please remember……….
This is a game
The coaches are volunteers
The referee is human

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1 U10 Orange 12 2 0 38
2 U8 Lions 11 3 0 36
3 U11 Spartans 11 2 1 35
4 U9 Red 11 1 2 34
5 U7 11 0 3 33
6 U13 Girls 9 5 0 32
7 U12 Girls 9 4 1 31
8 U9 Blue 10 1 3 31
9 U13 Orange 8 2 4 26


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